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The marketing and public relations competence of KMC consultants covers:



Research Methods:

Qualitative researches:

  • Focused group interview (focus - group)
  • Expert rating method Delphi
  • Hall-test, testing of goods characteristics
  • Home-test, testing of products in domestic conditions
  • Product-test, testing by consumers flavoring and organoleptic properties in competitive group or group of similar products

Quantitative researches:

  • Face-to-face interview (end users, the population)
  • Polling business-to-business (managers of organizations, experts, etc.)
  • Telephone polling


Development of a marketing plan:

  • Rating of competitiveness of an entity and its production
  • Positioning the production of an entity in the market and development of recommendations on positioning
  • Strategic analysis of the external marketing environment
  • The analysis (audit) of the marketing system
  • Development of the re-structuring program of a marketing department
  • The analysis of product line, price, marketing and communication policy and procedures

Consulting support for activity of developing companies:

  • Interaction of an entity with authorities
  • Gathering the information on potential partners
  • Searching for foreign investors
  • Advisory support of joint projects
  • Definition of purposes and tasks of external and internal PR, development of a strategic and tactical plan for PR


Whether you start the business or your business is running for a long time or you successfully develop your business being engaged in manufacturing or trade, you sooner or later need advertising

How to carry out an advertising campaign? How to make the advertising information work on image of an entity? How to dispose the advertising budget and to receive the maximum benefit? The following services of our company can give answers to all these questions:

  • Definition of target contact audiences
  • Analysis of a target group’s preferences
  • Definition of distribution channels of advertising information
  • Testing advertising messages and forms
  • Development of strategy and a tactical plan of an advertising campaign
  • Development of advertising ideas and stylistics
  • Stage-by-stage control of an advertising campaign efficiency


Never mind, what you represent: business, state or political organization - the positive and attractive image is equally necessary for all of them. Purposeful and permanent effort in the area of Public Relations conducts to «accumulation of a signal» about the company at consumers, about the politician at electorate that in due course can become the most valuable capital.

PR for promotion of company’s goods and services includes:

  • PR for promotion of company’s goods and services
  • Strategy of PR campaign
  • Image designing
  • Carrying out of PR campaigns
  • Communications with mass-media representatives
  • PR actions
  • Promotion of production and services
  • Development and introduction of anti-recessionary reaction program


KMC has the opportunity to offer you consulting services in the field of development of business processes focused on application of the newest CRM technologies.

CRM represents effective means of interaction and coordination of all elements of marketing activity inside the organization: customers and partners at all stages of a business cycle, from marketing up to after-sales service. The key aspect of successful business is an opportunity to “catch” and “keep” profitable clients. It is necessary to be able to use the key information on clients and internal business processes for acceptance of precise and duly decisions. CRM enables to cooperate with customers through these communication channels, which are maximum convenient for them. CRM allows the company to develop standard models of marketing and sales, raising the quality of service.

The experts of KMC will carry out comprehensive analysis of your business processes and the client base to determine the type of CRM system you need. After that the following plan of actions will be offered:

  • Designing and creation of customers database
  • Development and implementation of CRM project using your own resources, but with direct participation of our experts
  • Development and implementation of CRM project by our experts
  • Implementation of third-party CRM product with direct support of our consultants


Today the success of any company, alongside with other factors, depends on its image. Presence of a corporate web-site testifies to stability of the company. The web site of the company is the opened office for 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, giving the exhaustive information to business partners and clients about the company. The Internet is the powerful marketing tool, giving full statistics of visiting and an opportunity of "feedback" for clients. Constant information and advertising support of your company in the Internet will help you to involve set of potential partners and clients from users of “a global computer network”.

We offer you the following consulting services for implementation of internet-based marketing information system:

  • Development of web-based business (e-business, e-commerce, and etc.)
  • Registration of domain names and hosting services
  • Development, planning, and implementation of advertising campaigns in the Internet
  • Support and maintenance of the web system


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